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What Are Men’s Issues in Therapy?

Men go to therapy for a wide range of reasons–find out what problems they commonly discuss.

Men all around the world face challenges and struggles that can lead to lasting impacts on their mental health. Each year, men struggle with their mental health and look for solutions. Therapy is one of the best ways to support mental health, leading more men to consider this approach. What kinds of issues do men commonly discuss in therapy? Let’s find out.

Common Issues Men Discuss in Therapy

Every man faces his own unique challenges. We all have our own stories, and we struggle with different things. These differences might stem from our upbringing, our personality, or even various circumstances surrounding our lives. However, there are some common themes that men frequently discuss in therapy.

Relationship Challenges

Like everyone else, men are deeply concerned about relationships and intimacy. Relationships and intimacy are known to have a huge and lasting impact on our lives. When men visit therapists, relationships are a common point of focus. From dating to the challenges that come with being a husband—or even factors pertaining to intimacy and sexuality—men often seek to learn more about relationships and how they can impact their lives.

Parenting Concerns

Being a parent can be one of the most difficult and rewarding things that a person ever does—but it does come with its fair share of stress. Late nights, scheduling accommodations, and even difficult talks all come together to make parenting a very unique challenge at times. Men, in particular, are looking to explore how they can better serve their families and provide their children with the best possible outcomes. From discussing how to parent to discussing their own relationships with their parents, men are having parenting talks in therapy.

Work Stress

When we join the workforce, it can be surprising just how many unique challenges there are to face. Even those who do not work high-stress jobs are known to experience work-related stress. From seeking out promotions to being effective leaders—or just balancing work with everyday life—men are talking through the challenges that they are facing in the workforce.


It isn’t a secret that society is well-known for its varying descriptions of what masculinity should look like. For many men, this can be minimizing, challenging, and dismissive. More men are looking for healthier ways to cope and new ways to connect with themselves, as well as their masculinity. These talks can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

The Takeaway

The Denver men’s therapy solutions that are available are helping men to improve their mental health every day. The simple truth is that, sometimes, life can be difficult for us. We all go on our own journeys and have our own struggles. Talking with a therapist can help you to move through these concerns and lift up your mental health one appointment at a time!

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