Fostering Positive Emotion

A great deal of psychological and self-help literature is largely focused on how to deal with unfortunate life circumstances and associated emotions. Similarly, therapy often focuses on working with traumatic past events or challenging negative thought patterns. Even in conversation with our close friends we might talk about how to deal with depression or how to manage our anxiety. All too often it seems that we hope to find wellness through discussing these negative details. However, a more recent and deeply profound movement in the world of mental health has been dubbed positive psychology. Positive psychology is the science and research of what it is that makes people happy. Fortunately,

Empathy In Everyday Living

In our everyday lives we engage in a multitude of social interactions that can often include moments of frustration, both with others and ourselves. You may be cut-off in traffic and become angry, or you may become frustrated with yourself for forgetting to pay a bill on time. Regardless of the source of your frustration, these difficult feelings as a reaction to everyday challenges are certainly unwelcome. Although these feelings may be communicating important information about each situation, it is unhelpful to allow them to overshadow our daily lives. If we allow these difficult moments to get the best of us, we become increasingly vulnerable to the unavoidable stressors in our daily live

Finding Change

Life. Life is full of ups and downs, along with a great deal of uncertainty. Despite this, one thing is for sure: change is constant. Habits change, finances change, careers change, our bodies change, and even our relationships change. Understanding that change is an inevitable and integral part of life, how can you better promote positive changes? You might be hoping to change some uncomfortable emotion that you regularly experience, you may want to quit a bad habit, improve relationships, or even obtain career goals. Regardless of what you desire to change, lasting change can be hard to come by. Despite this, by working with the necessary parts, we are better able to work towards change an

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