Working With Trauma

Trauma is a hot topic in the world of mental health and rightfully so. According to one fact sheet compiled by Mental Health America, the cost of certain forms of traumatic experience on the health care system is between $333 billion and $750 billion dollars annually. Co-occurrence of trauma and other mental health issues, such as substance abuse, is extremely prevalent, and it is likely that every individual will at some point experience some form of traumatic event. In regards to mental health, trauma is a pandemic issue–the effects on ourselves, as well as our communities and families, cannot be avoided. Fortunately, recovery from these experiences is a possibility, and although support f

Working In Psychotherapy

You’ve taken the first step and courageously reached out to a professional counselor; you’ve set goals, taken steps to trust the process, and allowed yourself to experience vulnerability in the therapeutic relationship. In these first marks toward personal growth, you’ve accomplished a great deal and this should certainly be celebrated. For many who desire change, these first few steps can be daunting. However, for those who are courageous enough to take these initial steps, positive change is just around the corner. With this in mind, what comes next in the therapeutic growth process? Well, grab your boots because it’s time to dig in and to truly begin the therapeutic work. As with any hard

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