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**Telehealth services available**

    During the COVID-19 outbreak we will strive to provide services to both new and existing clientele. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Affordable Counseling in Denver

Reduced Cost Services

We understand that an investment in counseling and therapy can be difficult to budget
and when financial hardship hits, you may need counseling the most. As a result, we are looking to grow
reduced cost services here in Denver, Colorado. Affordable counseling & reduced cost services range from
$20-$80 based on need and ability t
o pay. We want to make sure that you or your family can get the help you need
with low cost counseling right here at Elevated Counseling & Wellness!


Joe Vanderhoff-- Therapist Intern

With a passion for understanding the human experience and a creative background in music, I strive to facilitate deep and meaningful connections with people in order to promote healing and growth. My approach is inspired by Humanistic, Existential, Depth and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, as well as Mindful Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and myriad others. I take an integrative approach by choosing a modality that best serves the needs of each individual client. I have experience helping clients to process and heal from trauma and understand the value of holding space for individuals that is free of judgment and criticism. Experiencing unconditional positive regard gives each of us the opportunity to choose growth and engenders change. With reduced cost services available where needed, I look forward to connecting and growing with you! (970)368-3165

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