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**Telehealth services available**

    During the COVID-19 outbreak we will strive to provide services to both new and existing clientele. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

What we're all about...


Ayla Maduzia- Relationship & Family Therapist Intern

It is a beautiful thing to invest in understanding the deep inner workings of our being. And, it can be incredibly hard work. I hope to help you create a deeper awareness of yourself through connecting pieces of childhood with adulthood. My work is influenced by Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT, as well as EFIT (Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy), and Attachment Theory. I work with adolescents, individuals, and all manners of relationships including polyamorous and LGBTQIA+. Among other things, I hope to help you identify your strengths, your growth areas, your attachment history, and your conflict cycle. I am not simply a couples therapist, instead my focus is on relationships and however those relationships manifest in your life. It is my goal to help you uncover and melt any block you may be experiencing that is withholding you from your truest self. Through our time together, I will utilize both talk therapy and somatic techniques, bringing awareness to where and how our body is holding what we are feeling. Additionally I am able to provide reduced cost services where needed. I look forward to connecting with you in the future! (720)340-1649

Denver Affordable Counseling

Elevated Counseling & Wellness began out of a passion for supporting men, their partners and their families in reaching new heights and to be the best that they can be for themselves, in their relationships and in their careers. Since then, we have grown to fulfill our mission in providing exceptional counseling and psychotherapy for ALL! As we strive to be Denver's source for premier mental health services, we are confident one of our providers will be helpful to you and your specific needs. If for any reason we are unable to help we are happy to point you in the direction of someone that can! Reach out today for a FREE consultation!

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