Finding Community: Reflections on a Conference Experience

If you were one of the hundreds of counselors, psychologists and social workers to attend theColorado Mental Health Professionals Conference this past weekend, you were privileged to an incredible experience. Through the collaborative efforts of multiple professional membership associations, one of the countries largest mental health conferences did not disappoint. From Dr. Irvin Yalom’s keynote interview to the wide variety of breakout sessions, it was truly wonderful to witness the strength in community that this profession requires. Psychotherapy can most definitely be considered an art, one in which the finished product is never displayed, sold or advertised. Because of this many psychot

The Truth About Codependency

As inherently social creatures, relationships are an integral aspect of our daily lives. From various relationships, we gain information about our surrounding environments, receive support as well as validation in our personal experiences and can even find a sense of purpose in our engagements with others. It is true that some of this should come from an internal sense of self; however, relational experiences greatly influence our self-perceptions and emotional experiences. When relational experiences aren’t positive or helpful, we are more susceptible to negative self-perceptions, which in some instances may contribute to mental illness. Those that experience isolation and a lack of connect

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