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**Telehealth services available**

    During the COVID-19 outbreak we will strive to provide services to both new and existing clientele. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Meet Our Denver Therapists

Have questions? Let us know! We are happy to point you in the right direction! 


Zachary Gart, MA LPCC

Relationships are the source of our greatest joys and some of our deepest pains. We need connection and fulfilling relationships with others and at the same time struggle with the wounds that have stacked up in childhood and overtime. The result of this bind can show up as prolonged challenges in relationships, recurring conflicts and patterns, depression, anxiety, and a deep sense of aloneness.  My approach integrates relational skills across different modalities and styles of therapy to best fit your relationship and your goals in connection. My style is trauma-oriented, direct, compassionate and mindful. 


I help people in relationships: 

  • Discover and implement tools to effectively communicate and navigate conflict

  • Experience more trust and emotional intimacy

  • Communicate honestly and effectively

  • Use inevitable conflicts in relationships as opportunities to get needs met and grow closer

  • Reach their individual and relationship goals to move themselves forward in life

  • Heal their deeper relational challenges to lay a new foundation for safety in connection

  • Reconnect to sexuality and intimacy as nourishing, fun and pleasurable

  • Discover a pathway of relationship that feels fun and playful again

  • Enjoy their relationship as an integral part of growth

Connect with me today:


Brad Carney MSW, LSW

It is important to me that you feel supported, validated, and ultimately empowered during this journey as we work collaboratively to get what you want out of therapy and out of life. I am specialized in (but not limited to) working with men, the LGBTQIA+ community (as I am part of the community myself), and with those who are navigating their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. I also specialize in working with trauma and specifically religious trauma. I see youth ages 16+, young adults and adults. I believe that everyone should have opportunities to become the finest version of themselves, but that transformation is best with a trained professional. With humor, trust, and developing a genuine relationship, we can surely improve the quality of your life. Please don't hesitate to reach out and find out if we'd be a good fit to work together. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Devon Edwards MA, LPCC

Integrated holistic healing is not unidimensional, nor could it be. The concept of integrated healing is one which encompasses the whole. That being the mind, body and spirit of an individual. As an integrated health coach and mental health counselor, this is not simply my job, but my calling and deepest passion. Helping guide individuals who seek a deeper understanding of their inherent sense of wholeness, freedom and liveliness. As a former collegiate athlete, personal trainer, and integrated health coach, responsibility and overcoming adversity are in my blood. These experiences matched with the teachings found at Naropa University allow me to bring forth an alternative approach to mental health counseling.


Connect with me today: (970) 573-6491

DNeale Headshot.jpg

David Neale MA, LPC. NCC

Do you ever wonder what prevents us from being our most genuine, authentic selves? Whether it is our past that haunts us, lingering self-doubt, relationship problems, addiction, depression, anxiety, or trauma, we are all worthy of extra support to discover a healthier, better version of ourselves. I am a passionate mental health professional ready to work with you in overcoming the issues that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential.


In addition to working with men from all walks of life, I also work with children and adolescents, and truly enjoy the powerful connections I make with everyone who enters my office.


I am EMDR-trained, and also incorporate a variety of evidence-based techniques to address a multitude of issues, and love to utilize an existential perspective to highlight the meaning we can make of life and its challenges.



  • EMDR

  • Trauma

  • Addictions

  • Play Therapy

  • Anger/Emotion Management

Connect with me today:  (720) 828-3145


Joe Vanderoff- Therapist Intern Denver University

With a passion for understanding the human experience and a creative background in music, I strive to facilitate deep and meaningful connections with people in order to promote healing and growth. My approach is inspired by Humanistic, Existential, Depth and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, as well as Mindful Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and myriad others. I take an integrative approach by choosing a modality that best serves the needs of each individual client. I have experience helping clients to process and heal from trauma and understand the value of holding space for individuals that is free of judgment and criticism. Experiencing unconditional positive regard gives each of us the opportunity to choose growth and engenders change. With reduced cost services available where needed, I look forward to connecting and growing with you!


Connect with me today: (970)368-3165


Matt Bynum MA, LPC

 Sometimes our conditioned tendencies prevent us from living the life we want to live. I believe therapy can be a laboratory, of sorts, to explore these obstacles and learn to live more in line with one’s desired values. I use humor, trust, and a genuine relationship so that you can cultivate the skills necessary to improve the quality of your life. I work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds with issues ranging from grief and loss, shame and guilt, life transitions, anxiety, and substance use. My work is influenced by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), experiential therapies, existential therapy, and a variety of mindfulness practices. I will work with you to help explore obstacles, and reconnect to a life of healing, vitality, and purpose.  


Connect with me today: (720) 441-3484

Rachel Mondragon MA, LPCC.jpg

Rachel Mondragon MA, LPCC

Change is inevitable, yet that does not mean that it is easy, particularly for those that have had trauma in their lives. These changes might include career, grief, life transition or in relationships. I am dedicated to helping individuals cope with the aftermath that trauma can have. I utilize an interactive and multi-cultural approach to understand each person's unique perspective. As a therapist, I integrate various evidence based techniques including EMDR, CBT, somatic experiencing and expressive arts to help individuals to find healing and establish a greater connection to themselves. I know that working together, we can make these life changes an opportunity for cultivating healing, self-awareness and growth in your life.


Connect with me today: (720) 277-9853


Craig Freund MA, LPC

I consider myself to be genuine, compassionate and enthusiastic about the work that I do. Specializing in working with men from all walks of life, I strive to provide exceptional psychotherapy tailored specifically to each individual client and their unique needs. This begins with a skills based approach, allowing for relief and support with day to day challenges and follows up with a trauma informed and psychodynamic approach that supports lasting progress and wellbeing. From time to time, I work with co-therapist in training, Cooper a French Bulldog Puppy. As co-owner of Elevated Counseling & Wellness, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Connect with me today: (720)515-3563


Mission: Since 2016, Elevated Counseling & Wellness has been focused on providing exceptional therapy to men, their relationships and their families, all while honoring the values of individualized care, compassion and respect.

Vision: A multi-faceted, all inclusive approach to supporting men, their relationships and their families, through individual, family and couples counseling, as well as men's groups, retreats and medication management when appropriate.

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