Trust & Vulnerability In Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy should provide a safe and intimate environment for clients to exchange deeply personal thoughts, behaviors and feelings. In any situation where the most intimate details of one’s life experience are being shared, trust becomes a paramount issue. Fortunately, all psychotherapists and mental health professionals are bound by law to maintain confidentiality. This deep level of trust is crucial in creating a therapeutic relationship that will enable client growth and positive change. However, despite knowing that the therapist is legally bound to confidentiality, some clients struggle to share important details that may increase their potential for positive change. Why do some clie

New Beginnings in 2016

With the New Year upon us, many will contemplate the blessings and challenges of 2015, only to plan for 2016 by considering New Year’s resolutions, aspirations and personal goals. We are all familiar with the classic New Year’s resolutions of exercising more, losing weight, eating healthy, improving relationships or balancing our finances. Unfortunately, we are also familiar with how these bright ideas often fade away as our ambition meets the grind of daily living. The question becomes, “How can you make the most of your goals in 2016?” The answer may be closer than you would expect and People House might just have the insight that you are looking for. If you are at all familiar with People

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