Losing Connection Through Connectivity

An opinion is only that, an opinion. All opinions are valid as they are simply views or judgments based on one’s personal beliefs. Everyone is entitled to them. Everyone has opinions with which others strongly disagree. They are subjective, and certainly not conclusive. Opinions aren’t new. However, over the past couple decades we’ve seen the proliferation of social media platforms. It started with websites like MySpace and Friendster and has lead to social media apps like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and various others that I am probably too out of touch to be fully up to date with. These platforms have some obvious benefits. Many marginalized groups are able to hold safe sp

The Myth of Masculine Self-Esteem

Recently, on my morning commute, while listening in on a local morning radio show, I was struck by the reminder of the fallacy of masculine self-esteem as it pertains to the stereotypical male. On the radio show, the hosts debated how they would feel about their partner “checking out” other men or women. The female host was quite confident in expressing that she felt this would be disrespectful, as well as that this would cause her some discomfort and that she simply would not be okay with this behavior. In this, she expressed her vulnerability and stated need for security, as well as respect in the relationship, thus allowing the potential for productive discourse on the subject, regardless

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