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Supporting Men with Therapy Groups for the Modern Man

In a recent article, the New York Times attributed the challenge with men's mental health to a lack of support networks. At Elevated Counseling & Wellness, we are working to fill this gap by offering support groups for men. Along with this, men are often raised without direction in terms of developing the skills needed for wellness and healthy relationships. For this reason, our groups offer practical skills to elevate wellness for men and their loved ones, focusing on personal health and relational well-being. 

Picture Yourself More Connected, Elevated Counseling & Wellness

What: Fishing the Good Fight: Men's Group 

When: Ongoing. Beginning June 16th. Meeting on Fridays from 6p-8p.

Where: In person at 2727 Bryant St. #430 Denver, Co. 80211

Who: Facilitated by Devon Edwards MA, LPCC 

Cost: $50 per session. Deposit of $100 to reserve a spot.

Men's Therapy Group, Elevated Counseling & Wellness

What: Men's Therapy Group

Growth. Support. Connection. Mindfulness. Skills.


When: Every other Tuesday starting March 19, 2024; 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Where: 2727 Bryant St. #430 Denver, Co. 80207

Who: Facilitated by Zach Gart MA, LPCC

Cost: $50 per week. $200 deposit to reserve a spot. 

What: Reduced Cost Men's Process Group

Process. Skills. Awareness. Tools. Progress.​

When: Every Wednesday from 6:30p to 8p

Where: 2727 Bryant St. $430 Denver, Co. 80211

Who: Facilitated by Joe Vanderhoff MA, LPCC

Cost: $20-$40 per session. Deposit to reserve your spot.

A modern world demands much of the modern man, as such men are being asked to maintain their masculine ideologies, while also to grow in their ability to be relational and emotionally in-tune with themselves and their loved ones. As such, our men's groups support men who are ready to take strides to be better for himself and his loved ones, as well as in his professional life.


Our groups are aimed at supporting men in life, love and the pursuit of happiness; by integrating mindfulness and relational skills, facilitators specializing in men’s issues foster deep group connection through the practice and implementation of these skills. The group environment creates not only an opportunity for the development of a support network, but also for participants to practice and implement learned skills.


Our men's groups contain content related to the skills that men need to be their best both for themselves and in their relationships. In addition to content, this group provides an opportunity for men to seek and receive support, as well as an environment aimed at processing inter and intrapersonal challenges with the support of a qualified psychotherapist.

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