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What Are the Different Types of Mental Therapy?

Mental therapy can change lives and help support healthier habits. What options are there?

Getting therapy is a move that can help you to improve the quality of your life and feel better about it too. When you start to look into potential therapy options, chances are you will notice that there are a few choices you get to choose from. Every person has different needs, which means that some types of therapy might be more effective than others. In this post, we are going to look at common therapy options you can explore.

Common Types of Mental Therapy

The therapy experience is one that we make for ourselves with the support of others. Finding the right approach to treatment can influence how quickly you make progress or how you feel about the experience. These are some of the common methods available to you that can bring great benefits.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is what is most commonly represented in movies and films. This is an opportunity to connect personally with a therapist and help discuss whatever topics you need to discuss. There are different approaches to individual therapy that can help with different needs as well. However, this process is commonly spent with you and your therapist alone.

Couples and Group Therapy

Some forms of therapy are shared with other people to enhance the experience. Couples therapy, for example, involves attending therapy with a partner to work through shared concerns and to create better communication pathways.

Group therapy, on the other hand, is an approach to therapy where you will join a group of people facing similar hardships. Together, you will share your stories, learn, and grow as you work to overcome any challenges.


Self-therapy is a singular approach to therapy that involves your work in combination with therapeutic tools. This form of therapy can be a great first step toward exploring other therapy options. However, it does lack some of the external support provided by other choices since it is done alone.

Grief Therapy

Grief counseling is a common and necessary therapy offering that people use every single year. This form of therapy is focused on recovering from a trauma or loss that has left you grieving. It is completely focused on making peace with a loss. However, it is also common for other topics to come up as you explore this type of therapy. Sometimes, we have a lot to unpack.

The Takeaway

No matter what kind of therapy you are looking to explore, it helps to connect with experts who can guide the process. With the amazing Denver counseling options available, you can work to explore therapy on your own terms and feel confident in the process. A little support can go a long way when it comes to recovery or just better understanding ourselves!


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