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**Telehealth services available**

    During the COVID-19 outbreak we will strive to provide services to both new and existing clientele. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Counseling & Psychotherapy Services

Elevated Counseling & Wellness, Pricing

Individual Session 50min

$110 - $220

Couples Session 70min

$150 - $210

Initial Consultation 15min


Reduced cost counseling is available where needed! 

*We do accept Health Savings & Flex-Spending payment options.*
*Superbills can be provided to you for Out-Of-Network reimbursement where possible. *
**Fees may be adjusted depending on your specific provider.**

****Good Faith Estimate.****

Elevated Counseling & Wellness, Pricing
Elevated Counseling & Wellness, Pricing
Services Service

Men's Therapy

Due to a variety of cultural, social and biological factors, men experience their mental health differently than their female counterparts. At Elevated Counseling & Wellness, we understand men and men's issues and view any mental health challenge that a man might face, through the lens of social pressure, cultural expectations and societal upbringing. With experience and clinical expertise, we have developed a passion for helping men to overcome mental health issues that may be further complicated by the pressures of a modern world. From anger and depression, to addiction, work related stress and relationship difficulties, an expertise in men's issues can better facilitate your growth as a happy and healthy 21st century man.

From child abuse and bullying to accidents and sexual assault, any of a wide variety of traumatic events can have long lasting effects on a man's well-being and quality of life experience. In response to this trauma, men can struggle to form and maintain connections or to achieve their goals in their personal or professional lives and may struggle with addictions or other poor coping behaviors. Our providers have background in working with trauma survivors in residential, hospital and/or crisis settings and have developed an expertise in various forms of trauma therapy, tailored specifically for men. By implementing a trauma informed approach, as well as strategies related to social justice, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, and EMDR Therapy where appropriate, we can work to overcome the residual effects of any traumatic event and help you to be your best self.

Relationship Counseling Denver

Couples Counseling & Relationship Issues

Relationships can be our greatest source of happiness, as well as our greatest source of distress. Whether you're hoping to improve or establish a relationship with an intimate partner or family member, guidance from a qualified psychotherapist can be helpful. We understand that many men were not taught or encouraged to develop the tools for healthy relationships and will work to fill this gap from a perspective of practical application. From heteronormative to non-heteronormative relationships, with a culturally informed  expertise in issues related to attachment, betrayal, codependency, communication and conflict management, we can work together to find greater connection and enjoyment in your relationships. With providers trained in evidence based couples counseling and relationship coaching approaches, we can support you on your journey towards happy and healthy relationships.

Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

For men, symptoms of depression and anxiety often present differently than typically expected. Men may experience anger, irritability, substance abuse or other unique characteristics along with their mood struggles. At Elevated Counseling & Wellness, we understand the intricacies of men's mental health and take and informed stance in working with men from all walks of life. Through a combination of cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic, as well as existential techniques and integrative techniques, we work to provide men with the opportunity to discover both immediate and long lasting change. With genuine empathy, unconditional positive regard and a true understanding of men's mental health, we are hopeful that we can work to support you in being the best man you can be.

Adolescent Counseling Denver

Therapy for Teens and Adolescents

Attachment Therapy Denver

Attachment Issues

Attachment refers to the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that arise in our relationships, particularly in our most intimate relationships. In a modern society, men have not always been supported in developing an attachment pattern that allows for healthy connection. Especially for men, maladaptive, avoidant or insecure attachment patterns can become especially frustrating as they create barriers to genuine intimacy and fulfilling relationships. Regardless of  where you find yourself along the spectrum of attachment patterns, working with a therapist who truly understands these interpersonal dynamics can allow for greater personal growth and security in current or future relationships. Whether you're looking to improve an existing relationship or establish a new one, our mental health providers will support you in session to develop and refine the skills needed out of session.

Elevated Counseling & Wellness is Proudly Allied With the LGBTQ+ Community

Gay & Bisexual Men

Being a teenage boy or father to one is absolutely challenging, these formative years are full of highs and lows, tough lessons, as well as wins and losses. Growing up in today's socio-cultural-political climate presents a wide variety challenges for young and adolescent men, including challenges related to technology and modern day social expectations, as well as bullying and educational demands. As young men begin to develop personal identities, values systems, social connections and life direction, it is helpful to have guidance from someone experienced in working with the challenges facing young men today. With providers who have extensive experience working with teenage and young adult men, you can rest assured that we have the skills and tools needed to get through to your teen.

With Elevated Counseling & Wellness, we understand that the challenges facing men today very much impact gay and bisexual men, just as much if not more so than cis-gender men. With our providers, gay and bisexual men can find an open and affirming environment to navigate life's challenges, where all of our providers are either allies or identify themselves with the gay or bisexual community. Whether you are struggling with personal identity, oppression or working through mistaken beliefs and misinformation you will find exceptional support, deep understanding and genuine positive regard no matter what sexual, gender or relationship orientation you identify with. In addition, Elevated Counseling & Wellness can support you in identifying resources that will help you to reach new heights through both individual and community support.

Family Dispute

Relationship Betrayal

Throughout the course of a relationship, mistakes will be made and men may want to continue the relationship and seek repair, or in some cases, seek guidance in working towards separation. Betrayal is an extremely emotional and sensitive topic, with relationship experts experienced in navigating betrayal, repair or reconciliation and separation, men can get the support they need to get their lives back on track. By understanding the way that social and cultural factors influence men's mental health, our providers can best guide men in repairing their relationship or in moving on with their lives. 

Happy Family
Men's Issues
Relationship Issues
Depression & Anxiety
Family Therapy
Denver Counseling

Family Therapy

 Family is an incredibly important aspect of a man's life experience. Healthy family support can be an immense blessing facilitating growth in just about every domain of our lives. Despite love for one another many families can find themselves operating in unhealthy patterns creating conflict and dysfunction. In these situations working with a family therapist can help to regain a state of equilibrium and healthy function so you can get back to enjoying family time. Along with this, parenting in a modern world is fraught with challenges, we support Dad's in overcoming these challenges for both themselves and their families.

Grief & Loss
Thinking Man on Couch

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss are unfortunate facts of life and the pain of having lived and loved. Men often experience grief in specific ways, outside of the normative expectation, frequently in ways that are unique to them. Some men may need to share their story and have witness to their pain, while others may need tools and practical applications for processing grief and loss. Whether you are grieving a loved who who has passed on, a past relationship, job or even a pet, our providers are ready to walk this path with you.

Other Issues
Counseling Denver

Other Concerns

In the course of a lifetime, the modern man will face a variety of challenges and hurdles. In overcoming these challenges, it can be crucial to have guidance and support from providers that understand what it's like to be a man in a modern world. At Elevated Counseling & Wellness, our Denver counseling team enjoy working with men from all different backgrounds and identities, who have a variety of life experiences. We are effective in working with men's issues including, anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, grief and loss, as well as gay men's issues and polyamorous relationships. If you have any question as to whether or not our expertise can support you in any difficulties that you may be experiencing, please reach out and we can further discuss treatment options. In addition, we are always happy to discuss referrals and outside resources that may be better suited to meet your specific needs.

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