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How Therapy Can Help You Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you find yourself struggling emotionally because of COVID-19, you aren't alone. The World Health Organization has raised a red flag regarding the toll the pandemic is taking on emotional wellbeing worldwide. While this is a difficult time, there are resources available to help. Elevated Counseling offers telehealth sessions during the crisis, allowing people to safely social distance while getting the support they need.

Indeed, therapy can help you grapple with some of the tough emotions you may be feeling, reduce anxiety, and find ways to cope with worries. Find out how you might benefit below.

The Importance of Getting Mental Health Support

You may be hesitant to seek mental health support. Psychology Today explains that many people are worried about getting therapy, thinking it brands them as "crazy." However, seeing a mental health professional is just like seeing any other doctor — except, in this case, they're treating your mind, not your body. Additionally, the mental health stigma is on the decline.

According to the American Psychological Association, more Americans are getting mental health treatment than in the past. This is excellent news. The fact is, mental health problems can be just as damaging as physical health problems. People who are under a lot of stress are at a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression, for example. The American Heart Association further reveals that chronic stress can cause physical ailments, like hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. Left untreated, mental health issues can seriously detract from your quality of life. Don't ignore them.

How to Tell If You Could Benefit from Therapy

Still not sure if you might benefit from therapy? Knowing the symptoms of common problems like anxiety and depression can be helpful. Common indications of depression described by the Mayo Clinic include sad or hopeless feelings, sleep disturbances, anxiety, reduced appetite, lack of energy, and feelings of worthlessness. Frequent signs of anxiety include excessive worry to irrational fears and sleep issues.

However, don't assume you won't benefit from therapy just because you don't show these symptoms. Even if you're feeling fine, therapy can be a wonderful way to explore your feelings and get better attuned to your emotional needs. As this Greatist article explains, even "happy people" can benefit from therapy. Ultimately, it provides you with the toolkit you need to better manage negative emotions like stress when they do arise.

Other Ways You Can Proactively Nurture Your Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic can certainly add to feelings of stress and anxiety. This is in part because it's a situation that's largely beyond our control. Therapy can help you come to terms with those feelings. There are other ways you can cope during these difficult times. Start by taking care of yourself. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep will protect your physical and mental health alike.

To get some exercise and combat stress simultaneously, try yoga. You can easily do it at home for little money. We Know Yoga provides a handy list of 17 classes to suit any budget. You can also look for virtual classes via fitness centers and yoga studios. Many are hosting Zoom courses to accommodate social distancing. Make sure your internet bandwidth can handle video courses. If you notice disruptions, upgrade to an ultra-fast connection, if available in your area.

If you're struggling with your mental health lately, it's perfectly understandable. COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty in the world. However, you shouldn't have to live every day with fear or anxiety. Don't hesitate to get professional support. You deserve to be happy.

Elevated Counseling is dedicated to helping people throughout the COVID-19 crisis, providing ongoing telehealth sessions. Schedule a free consultation to start.

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