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Elevated Counseling & Wellness, PLLC

Taking Better Care of Therapists,
  Who Take Better Care of Clients.

Since 2016, we've come together with a vision to build a community of therapists, who are supported and empowered to provide exceptional counseling, psychotherapy and mental health services to the community in Denver, Colorado.
By offering regular team meetings, consultation groups and efforts to support our team both professional and personally, we aim to help clients through the tenacious support of our providers. In addition to this support, we offer our therapists the most competitive reimbursement rates in the Denver area. With this, we are able to retain top notch therapists right here in Denver, Colorado.
As a mental health practice, we are rarely hiring, but always have an eye out for talented professionals that fit this vision!

Elevated Counseling & Wellness began out of a passion for supporting men, their partners and their families in reaching new heights and in being the best that they can be, for themselves, in their relationships and in their careers. Since then, we have grown to fulfill our mission in providing exceptional counseling and psychotherapy for ALL!
As we strive to be Denver's source for premier mental health services, we are confident one of our providers will be helpful to you and your specific needs. By providing a supportive environment for our therapists, we can be confident that they'll be able to support you! If for any reason we are unable to help we are happy to point you in the direction of someone that can!
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