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Elevated Counseling & Wellness Has Expanded Access to Care by Credentialing In-Network with Kaiser.


In our commitment to fostering mental well-being in the Denver community, Elevated Counseling is excited to announce we are now In-Network with Kaiser, a leading insurance provider. This allows us to broaden accessibility, making quality mental health care more attainable for all.

Men's mental health has been a key focus for Elevated Counseling & Wellness, recognizing the unique mental health challenges faced by men in our community. Our collaboration with Kaiser will enable us to extend our specialized services to an even broader clientele, supporting men, their partners, and their families.

Partnering with Kaiser also allows us to streamline the insurance reimbursement process, resulting in more affordable therapy options for our clients. This facilitates access to quality mental health care and aligns with our dedication to creating an inclusive space for individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life.

Another essential benefit of working with insurance providers like Kaiser is the assurance of full and adequate reimbursement rates for our therapists. This ensures that our practitioners are compensated fairly, allowing us to attract and retain skilled professionals committed to providing high-quality mental health services.

In summary, our partnership with Kaiser represents a significant stride towards making mental health care accessible and affordable for the Denver community. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to the mental health of men, their partners, and their families, and emphasizes our dedication to providing access to the highest quality care, while sustaining fair compensation for our valued therapists. Together, we are breaking down barriers and fostering a community where mental health is prioritized.


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