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What to Expect in Your First Counseling Session

Counseling starts with your first session—learn what to expect from your visit.

Our mental health is a determining factor in how we feel about our lives on a daily basis, and getting extra support can be highly beneficial. If you aren’t sure what to expect from your first session, you are certainly not alone.

Let’s explore what to expect during your initial counseling session!

Common Features of a First Counseling Session

These are some of the more common features you can expect from your first counseling session.

General Onboarding

As you might expect with any appointment with a professional, the first meeting will always focus on onboarding. This may include filling out paperwork, providing emergency information, or even just disclosing certain relevant factors associated with your medical history.

The onboarding process may vary depending on what led you to the appointment and what you are hoping to address as well.

Getting to Know You and Your Counselor

Your initial meeting will also act as an introductory session between you and your counselor. During this time, you two will work to share relevant details and get to know one another better. You will learn about your counselor’s background, and then it can be highly beneficial to share relevant details about your history or daily life. There is no pressure during these sessions—you can always share what you feel ready to share.

Discussing Your Reason for Visiting

There are many reasons that someone may decide to pursue counseling, and you will have your own as well. Whether you are just committed to improving your mental health, or you have something specific you want to address, having this knowledge can allow your counselor to better support you. Again, this is a time when you can discuss as much or as little as you are ready to share. Building trust with your counselor will happen over time.

Making Goals for the Future

Many people enter counseling with a goal in mind, even if it is very general. You may decide that you want to have more good days or that you would like to improve your mental health to better support your energy levels. Any goals that you have can be absolutely invaluable information, which is why it is so helpful to discuss these goals with your counselor. If you aren’t sure what your goals are, don’t worry—you can develop them over time as well.

Addressing Key Concerns

Depending on your level of comfort, you may have some specific concerns that you want to address. If there is anything in particular that you are hoping to talk through, it can help to disclose this information early on to drive future sessions. Some people choose to do this in later sessions, so feel free to move at your own pace.

Make Your First Counseling Appointment a Great One!

Counseling changes lives every day, and Denver counseling sessions are making Colorado a better place for locals every single week. To learn more about onboarding or to schedule your first appointment, contact our team today!


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