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Richard Brodt

Counseling is a deeply personal endeavor for both the client and the counselor. You may be sharing your most personal thoughts, so it is only fair that you also know a bit about my background. I grew up just outside of New York City. In New York, I practiced as a mental health litigation attorney for an agency called Mental Hygiene Legal Service. Inspired and touched by the clients I represented along the way, I developed an interest in mental health treatment. I began taking psychology classes to help me understand the types of mental illness that I worked with, and I soon realized that I wanted to pursue an advanced degree in mental health counseling. I have worked as a compliance specialist, attorney, mental health tech, case manager and counselor. I now have over seven years of experience working with mental illness, and I do not plan to stop.

I take a somewhat novel approach to therapy. I have been told that my style is more conversational than clinical. While I am a trained counselor, only you can truly understand the depths of your experiences. Together we will seek out ways of lending meaning to these experiences in ways that will enrich your life. I am passionate about working with trauma, grief, anxiety and stress-related disorders. While these disorders can often feel paralyzing, we will work to relieve stress and release you from fear.

I approach my clients by focusing on their personal experiences. When working to relieve your symptoms, creating an environment of safety, trust and mutual respect is essential. As trust develops, you will take more risks, learning a great deal about yourself in the process.

l will never push you to disclose details about the traumatic events. I do not believe that reliving your trauma is the best way to treat it. Instead, we work to understand how past events impact you in the here and now, focusing on effective strategies to get you back to the life you want.


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