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Get to Know Me

Richard Brodt

I am a mental health counselor, mediator, and coach with over ten years of combined mental health and legal experience. After spending four years as a mental health attorney and advocate, litigating on behalf of individuals in psychiatric settings in the New York City area, I recognized that I could have a greater impact with individuals through a career in mental health care. In addition to my passion for mental health and conflict resolution, I also strive to live a balanced life that is not solely focused on my career. I enjoy time with family, the ocean, scuba diving, skateboarding, basketball, martial arts, writing and various other activities that challenge both my body and mind. I believe that the work we do internally, should be supplemented by activities that challenge us and force us into discomfort, which I believe is the best catalyst for change. 


My mental health counseling practice is geared towards individuals engaged in high stress careers, with a specific focus on legal professionals. My background in both studying and practicing law allow me to have a deeper understanding of the stresses that attorneys and other legal professionals face. I use a conversational rather than clinical approach, and I work to develop a deep sense of trust and rapport with clients to help them make the best choices for themselves. Sessions are collaborative, and they are guided by the principal that the client is the only true expert on their own wants and needs. Through our work together, you will gain self-awareness, balance and the tools to help you navigate stressful situations you may encounter in the future.

My mediation process is collaborative and is meant to empower individual choice by creating a calm environment where personal differences can be worked through to come to a mutually agreeable outcome for all parties. I draw on my prior experience with the law, as well as the skills I have learned over years of mental health counseling to help parties work through high conflict situations while maintaining the ability to think rationally. My role in mediation is that of a collaborator and facilitator. I work to create a space where parties in conflict can speak openly with one another, while still feeling safe and supported. It is my hope that parties coming to see me for mediation will work together to agree on creative solutions that are narrowly tailored to their individual concerns without the risks and uncertainty of pursuing a judgment in court. 

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